Pre-Order Policy

What is a pre-order? A pre-order is an order you can make for a new item before it is in stock and available for delivery.

When will my pre-order product be in and ship? Please see the product page for ETA. We update product information weekly that will reflect in your account/order. All information regarding ETA is now readily available for you.

Am I guaranteed to get an item if I pre-order? Yes, pre-ordered items are guaranteed and are filled as first priority. If a manufacturer or supplier cancels an item we will provide full refund to all customers that have purchased said item/s.

Am I guaranteed to get an item in the available shipping date? No, when an item opens for pre-order, we don't always have the full details on release availability. Generally speaking, the estimated arrival date is close. However, it’s not uncommon for manufacturers to move dates of delivery. You can always check the product item page for the most up to date information on availability.

Do you charge my credit card/PayPal at the time of purchase or when the item ships? We charge for all pre-orders at time of purchase. Pre-ordering item's helps us ensure we order the right amount of stock, and gives you the best possible price available.

Can I modify a pre-order? In some instances, you can. These will be dealt on a "case-by-case" basis. Pre-ordering item's helps us ensure we order the right amount of stock, and gives you the be possible price available. Cancellations may incur a 10% restocking/admin fee of the original pre-order price. As per Australian consumer law, we will not refund for change of mind.

What if I order multiple items, can I combine in stock and pre-order items? Yes of course you can combine in stock and pre-order items. Note; if you wish for your in stock items to ship immediately then place a separate order for in stock items only. Orders with mixed in-stock and pre-orders will only ship when all items are in-stock.

What happens if I place a pre-order for multiple items that are scheduled to arrive at different dates? We will hold your order and ship once all items have arrived and are in stock. The shipping amount you are charged during check out is based on a single package. If you wish for your items to ship as they become available then you must place a separate orders.

How long will it take to ship out my pre-order once an item is received? We begin filling pre-orders the day we receive the items. We process and ship orders 3 days a week so in most instances you can expect to receive your shipping notification in 5-10 business days. This will all be dependant on where your order sits in the queue. We ship in chronological order of orders received.

Pre-order Abuse - While the vast majority of customers use our pre-order system as intended there are the few that abuse the system by pre-ordering many products they never intend to purchase. If we determine a customer is abusing the system, we may be required to enforce a ban from being able to purchase from us.

Need more help? Simply email us (If clicking this doesn't open your email client, copy and paste in to your email) with the details of your question, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.